About Us

This Ministry originally started in a prison cell 19 years ago. The Founder, Bridget Osborne who

was incarcerated at the time had a vision from God and she began to write encouraging letters

to share with her family and friends. After a while these letters started to circulate both inside

the prison and outside in various communities.

While in prison Bridget fully dedicated her life to serve the Lord and to minister to the other

women incarcerated. She dedicated her time to write monthly Inspirational letters using

Scriptures as the foundation, which got distributed to other facilities.

In 2020, after Bridget was released from prison, she surrounded herself with likeminded

individuals and relaunched the Sons and Daughters Ministry to fulfill her Divine purpose and

serve God’s people.

Since this ministry was relaunched in 2021, it has provided 175 care packages for the women at

Taconic Correctional Facility; 13 Wall fans and 4 large industrial floor fans for the women at

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility; distributed over seven thousand monthly Inspirational

newsletters to 15 Correctional Facilities; provided approximately 200 Hot Meals for the

Homeless in the East New York Community and sent food packages for some women



Meet the Board Members 

C  L  I  C  K    O  N     P  I  C  T  U  R  E  S     F   O   R      M  O  R  E   

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Yonette Noble 

Board Member 

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Rose E. Harris 

Board Member

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Cheryl A. Tappin

Board Member 

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Simone C. Phillips

Board Member

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